Research Site For Many Trials

We had succesfully completed many international and national trials at our site and are also currently involved in new researhc projects with the help of our research team.

Till now we have succesfully completed following trials at our site.

Sr. No. Indication of Trial Clinical phase of trial
1 Bipolar Mood Disorder Phase III (Global)
2 Schizophrenia Phase III (Global)
3 Major Depressive Disorder Phase III (Global)
4 Complex Partial Seizure Phase III (Indian)
5 Major Depressive Disorder Phase III (Indian)
6 Schizophrenia Phase III (Indian)
7 Schizophrenia Phase III (Indian)
8 Major Depressive Disorder Phase III (Indian)
9 Cognitive Impairment Disorder Phase IV (Indian)
10 Erectile Dysfunction Phase III (Indian)
11 Schizophrenia Phase IV (Indian)
12 Alzeihmers Disease Phase IV (Indian)
13 Many upcoming projects