Social Responsibility

Disha - A Path Towards Recovery

Support Group for patients (DISHA - A path towards Recovery). It is being conducted on every fridays from 6 p.m to 8 p.m and various activities like yoga, Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, Counseling, Music Therapy is included in this program for patient entertainment and speedy recovery.

DISHA is small initiative of Manav NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals Pvt Ltd started from September 2010 and still flourishing because of the support of patient and their relatives.

The objective behind DISHA was to motivate the patient about speedy recovery and to engage them in different activities to get rid of their problems.


  • Music Therapy in which the aggression of the patients is controlled by just dancing or singing
  • Occupational Therapy in which the patient are given different activities to engage themselves and to refresh their mind by doing many games.
  • Counseling in which patient and their relatives are counseled about the new approach towards the life and how to deal with the problems
  • Art Therapy in which patient are engaged in doing some constructive activities like flower making, greeting cards, paintings etc.
  • Diet Therapy in which the Therapist put emphasis on the importance of diet in our daily lifestyle.
    Schedule of proper diet is given to every patient
  • Yoga therapy in which differetn yogasanas are get done by the patients for their relaxation.

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