Vocational Guidance

  • Vocational Guidance means guidance given to students about suitable career choices for them.
  • This procedure involves two days of group testing, each day of about 3 hours duration.
  • 9 tests are given in all. Areas covered by the tests are Intelligence, Aptitude Interest and Personality.
  • This testing procedure is followed by an individual councelling session after a period of about 15 days depending on the test reports. The appropriate career options for the student are discussed by the counselor with the student and the parents.
  • Separate batches are conducted for English and Marathi medium students.
  • Students from Grade 9th to Grade 12th can benefit from this programme.
  • The fees for the entire procedure including 2 sessions of testing and 1 session of counselling / reporting are __
Updates :

Aptitude tests will be conducted on 18th and 19th April 2012.

Drawing competition for patients will be announced soon.

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  • Psychiatric problems diagnosis and treatment
  • childhood disorders treatment
  • addiction help
  • counseling
  • ElectroConvulsive Therapy
  • ElectroEncephalogram
  • EMG BiofeedBack for relaxation purpose
  • counseling
  • Sleep Therapy
  • Memory Clinic for old aged persons
  • Testing of child as per the problems ( I.Q, A.D.H.D, Bhatia, G.F.B, MISIC, WISC, Kamat Binet, VSMS, Spm etc)
  • Aptitude Testing and Career Counseling
  • Stress Management, Personality Testing etc
  •